Distortled Box Compilation #3 VideoFlyer 02/04/2012

Distortled Box with Meneo Móbil 20/08/2010

Distortled Box Visual Set 27/05/2010


New Distortled Box Compilation #3 out on the 09/04/2012 for FREE download. New tracks and remixes by Degon, Ralp and Snail, and a very special gift! 100% pure Game Boy DMG tracks with LSDJ.


Meneo Móbil with Distortled Box, Lautaro and Smëgg at Festes de Gràcia 2010, Barcelona.
Total Fine: 400 Euros.


Testing of the visual setup for the Distortled Box live sets. Two circuit bending Sega Master System II synchronized with a self made analog motor sequencer. By Snail & Ralp. Track: Ralp - Purprae.

Higgins By Sala 26/05/2010


Distortled Box V.2 Tuning 25/05/2010


Amazing Floppy 06/03/2010


A special video tribute to one of the most emblematic songs of our Distortled Box mini-raves and to one of our members, Sala.


Tuning process of the Distortled Box version 2 in the Micromusic Festival at La Gare. Improvement of the control panels and incorporation of a screen for the visuals, new batteries and a power capacitor. Thanks to Monsieur Moo for the capacitor!


An experimental movie made during the Micromusic Festival at La Gare (Coustellet). This version present what the public find to close the festival. All the first part is made by Meneo and Le Pole and the second one is just a report of the atmosphere of the Sathurday night.

Distortled Box & Random @ Miscelänea 19/12/2008


Distortled Box @ MMVV 15/09/2007


Performance of Distortled Box and Random at Miscelänea.

Mini rave 8 Bit de Distortled Box en el "Mercat de la Música Viva de Vic" (MMVV). Game Boy music by Ralp, Snail y Nude Boy.